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    Working principle and notice of multi functional pneumatic d

     Working principle of pneumatic diaphragm pump:
    1, compressed air as power.
    2, is a type of diaphragm by the diaphragm deformation caused by volume changes in the volume of the pump, its working principle is similar to the piston pump, due to the characteristics of the diaphragm pump working principle, so the diaphragm pump has the following characteristics:
    (1) the pump will not overheat: compressed air as the power, in the exhaust is an expansion of the process, the temperature is reduced, and no harmful gas discharge.
    (2) no electric spark is produced: the pneumatic diaphragm pump is not powered by electricity, and the ground is prevented from electrostatic discharge.
    (3) liquid containing particles can be: because the volume of imports and working for the ball, so can not be easily blocked.
    (4) very low shear force on the material: how the work of breathing in how how the spit, so the material stir minimum for unstable material delivery.
    (5) the flow can be adjusted, can be installed at the exit of the throttle to adjust the flow.
    (6) a function of self absorption.
    (7) can be empty and not dangerous.
    (8) it can be a dive.
    (9) the fluid is extremely wide, from low viscosity to high viscosity, which is obtained from the corrosion.
    (10) no complex control systems, no cables, fuses, etc..
    (11) small size, light weight, easy to move.
    (12) no lubrication so easy to repair, not work environment pollution due to leakage.
    (13) the pump is always efficient and will not be reduced by abrasion.
    (14) one hundred percent of the energy use, when the closure of the export, the pump automatically stop, equipment, mobile, wear and tear, overload, heating phenomenon, when the export is open, the pump automatically start.
    (15) there is no dynamic seal, maintenance is simple to avoid leakage. Work without dead.
    Operation of the operation of multi - pneumatic diaphragm pump:
    1, to ensure that the maximum particle size of the fluid does not exceed the maximum safety of the pump through the particle diameter standard.
    2, the intake pressure not to exceed the maximum allowable pressure, higher than the rated pressure of the compressed air may cause personal injury and property damage and damage to the pump performance.
    3, to ensure that the pump pressure of the pipeline system to withstand the highest output pressure, to ensure that the drive system of clean and normal working conditions.
    4, the electrostatic spark may cause the explosion of personal injury and property damage, according to the need to use a large enough cross-sectional area of the wire, the grounding screw on the pump properly grounded.
    5, grounding requirements in accordance with the requirements of local laws and regulations and the requirements of some special requirements.
    6, fasten the pump and the connecting pipe joints, to prevent the vibration impact rub produce static sparks. Use anti-static hose.
    7, to periodically check and test the reliability of grounding system, the grounding resistance is less than 100 ohm.
    8, maintain good ventilation and ventilation, away from flammable and explosive and heat source.
    9, the pump may contain solids in the exhaust gas, do not exhaust port to the working area or people, so as to avoid damage to the body.
    10, when the diaphragm failure, the material will be transported from the exhaust muffler.
    11, when the transportation of flammable and toxic fluid, please be discharged from the mouth of a safe place away from the work area.
    12, please use at least 3/8 "inner diameter of the pipe is smooth and smooth pipe connecting the exhaust port and muffler.
    13, high pressure fluid may cause serious personal injury and property damage, please do not in the pump pressure, the pump and material management system to carry out any repair work, if you want to do maintenance, the first cut off the pump inlet, open the bypass pressure relief mechanism to discharge the pipe system, and slowly release the connection pipe joints.
    14, such as the transport of harmful toxic fluid pump, please do not directly to the manufacturer to repair the pump. Properly handled in accordance with local laws and regulations, and use the Shanghai Wang Quan pump company to ensure the life of pure accessories.
    15, liquid transportation pump using aluminum alloy materials, please do not used to transport containing Fe3 + liquids and halogenated hydrocarbons and other halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, will cause corrosion caused by burst of the pump body.
    16, to ensure that all parts of the body of the contact body will not be transported by fluid corrosion damage.
    17, ensure that all the operating personnel are familiar with the operation and use of the pump and the safety of the use of attention, if necessary, to ration the necessary protective equipment.
    18, the correct use of the pump, does not allow a long time to air transport.

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