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      Company main products: pump valve     Tel:0550-7031888
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      • Tel:0550-7031888
      • Fax:0550-7321688
      • Email:sales@ahtmbv.com

          Once you shake hands with? TianMa, you will be friends for ever. This resounding advertising sentence flies off ?JiangHuai earth and then flies over china land.
          Does something as horse soar into the shy , so it makes thousands of people notice ,where is supernatural charm of TianMa? Let us open her beautiful yashmak together and enter into TianMa.
          Face to river and near to sea , a bright pear of AnHui province -----unique location of TianMa . AnHui TianMa pump&valve locates at in Tianchang city ,which is one bright pearl of Anhui province, its south is the ancient capital of the six dynasties ----Nanjing, and its east is beautiful Yangzhou. What&rsquo;s more, it is in the range of Nianjing urban circle of Yangtze river delta and Shanghai economic collaboration zone, So its geographical position is very good, Ninglian expressway and 312 province highway are through it . Convenient traffic offers predominant environment of its venture and development for researching pump valve and exploiting market
      Famous brand, splendent everywhere ------product cluster of Tianma
          Tianma group mainly produces &ldquo;Tianma&rdquo; and &ldquo;Huhe&rdquo; brand series pumps valves, and they are widely used in many lines such as chemical, metallurgy ,coking, petrochemical oil, electricity, irrigation and drainage, paper-making, alkali callback, pulp-making ,alcohol ,starch ,sugar ,food beverages ,brewing ,heating ,sweage , etc. the main products have over 50 series and 3800 kinds such as chemical pump, corrosion-resistant pump for petroleum and petrochemical, fluoride alloy pump, beverages pump ,sanitary pump ,gear pump ,clean water pump, multi-stage pump ,middle open pump ,pipeline pump ,under liquid pump ,sewage pump, residue and oar pump ,magnetic pump ,1~3meters heavy caliber auto new special frequency conversion device for pump valve ,mixed fluid pump ,alex flow pump ,petroleum pump and valve and all kinds of electric ,pneumatic, hydraulic valve ,gate valve , ball valve, globe valve , sewage valve , plug valve ,butterfly valve ,auto adjust able valve, trap valve ,oxygen valve ,Y series motor ,electrical wire and cable, mechanical seal , etc. three products of them obtained partial patent , and the general performance index of THDB chemical mixed fluid pump and Murphy pump reaches advanced level at home and obtained high-tech product certificate. So they are perfect special equipment of many manufacturing and precision industry R D lines.
      Quality as supremacy, service first &ndash;management idea
          Look people as root of everything ,and persisting in credit can walk in the word. Tianma people always adhere to management guideline of getting survival from quality, looks customers as centre , bucking for development from science and technology, trying for benefit from management , Tianma group actively associates with national science research department to walk the road of cooperation and development of production, leaning and research. So the products are top-rank at home and their techqique is incorporate of advanced technique of USA, german and Sweden, etc. many products have become national important program, and tianma group also owns complete physical and chemical analysis test method, and inspection method is full ,so that can all-sides control and manage products quality. Tianma people always remember today&rsquo;s quality equal to tomorrow&rsquo;s market and firmly build up the concept of quality as supremacy ,also ,they don&rsquo;t feel satisfied and endless enhance products? quality and management level . th the same time ,wide sales system and speedy feedback fter-sales network make its products win customer&rsquo;s satisfaction, credit of enterprise ,authorization of market.
          The products of the company have adopted by many big famous enterprises at home . such sa: magang group, shanxi ahixin(international) steel group ,baogang group , nanzhou petrochemical, zhongyuan oil field of china petrochemical, china petroleum group Qinghai sub company, jiangsu nanhua group , chongqing? global petrochemical, guangxi mingyang biotechnology ,shangdong jinluo group, shangdong feicheng jinta, zhejiang kaien paper group ,henna xinya paper ,suzhou wujiang hengxiang alcohol, xi&rsquo;an shanghui alcool, henna xinrui group , sanxin group ,hubei anqi barm, neimengu jinhe group ,anhui gujing group ,etc. some products are exported to Thailand, Singapore ,Vietnam, korea, iran, Indonesia, Netherlands ,etc.? tianma group has over 6000 friends at home and abroad.
      Exploit flat roof, create resplendence again---view future of tianma
          When shrashing 3000 miles, you always forth come facing to heavy wind and wave . tianma group endlessly enlarges its scale with creating huge aircraft carrier under competitive market. In 2005 ,tianma group imported 68 million of capital exploited heavy caliber auto new type special pump valve program with magang group fengshan material company. Also, it get over one hundred uits of area earth to enter province class tianchang city industry park.
          In 2007, tianma group firmly grasped better invest environment and developed second engineering program at economical zone in the city with magang group dongsheng metallurgy company invested 1868 million together. They built new type big power frequency conversion motor production line at economical zone in tianchang city. The production value will be added over 30 million every year . these two imported programs open a new arena for tianma group and amain create more brilliant future.
          Tightly shaking hands with tianma, good luck will be with you! Anhui tianma group sincerely welcomes the clients at home and abroad to invest and create more beautiful tomorrow together.?

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